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About [DSNCT]

Originally created to be an ore refining corporation, Disenchantment retained its name and changed its meaning from “disenchanting ore” to “disenchanting Eve for humans.”

It’s no secret that Eve is a complex game. Visually noisy with lots of spreadsheet-looking UI elements and plenty of confusing notifications and alarms can overwhelm even the savviest of gamers. Additionally, there are plenty of myths and mysteries about aspects of Eve that seasoned veterans still do not have a full grasp of. It is our goal to break down Eve into easily digestible parts for both novice and experienced players alike.

I like to ask players who are interested in joining “what do you enjoy doing when you log in to Eve?” I want to create a space where people can log in and do what they want with others. I think over the years the game has contorted its original vision of being an experience to being a job. I do not want people to feel like they’re logging in to work! I want people to have fun.

With that vision in mind, I believe Disenchantment can be a fun place for all. If you want to love Eve, you are welcome to join our corporation.

Signed Siigari Kitawa

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Why should you join?

Here's what the members think are the best perks

  • "Suicide ganks and dank loot."
  • "There are no time obligations."
  • "Make friends. It’s a nice change of pace from solo play, where you just stack ISK until you get a new ship."
  • "I can ask someone to grab a book or ship equipment while I'm in system doing things and it's no problem."
  • "The shenanigans that arise on occasion."
  • "Having the ability to log in-game or jump on comms and shoot sh*t with other members of varying interests, ages and focuses while still working towards the same goal."

What is EVE?

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Joining Us

To apply, join the in-game channel Disenchantment

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